Hi, I'm a friendly little kid who has an interest in programming, drawing, and CUSTOMIZING!! Although I must, to be honest, really bad at both drawing and coding, what matters is that I'm having fun, right? I tend to roam around the internet in search of cool people to talk and be friends with! If you want to talk to me, please drop by and say hello!!

Unlike the other webmasters I know, I'm not an adult. Well, not yet. So, I never actually experienced the fun there was to the old web. So why is a teenager here and what are they doing here? I have liked the appeal of having my own website, so I stumbled upon Neocities (and later on and decided to make my own little place here! I only discovered it during 2021, when I was so into old web culture. Once I tried it out though, I realized it really cool and I decided to stay and make it really my own! My websites are just a way for me to express myself, and they're sort of a work of art for me as well! So yeah. Why am I here? Because I want to express myself and because it seems cool. What am I doing here? Sharing my stuff to the world!

Website Style Changes

The Welchian Accelerator Laboratory is a personal website that has gone through MANY changes.

First Few Attempts

The website first started off with a blue-gray color scheme during September of 2021? It also used Sadgrl's layout builder, but had little content to it aside from an embed of a Youtube video on the "weird Autumn" song of the NITW soundtrack.

It then changed to a no-div layout with a tiles transparent background- and yet again- a blue-gray color scheme. It was called "The Blue-Gray Cat Cafe", and it didn't really had much on it.

Ulysses's Website

Soon, I redesigned it, using Sadgrl's layout builder yet again, and called it Ulysses's Pond. On the header, it had an image of some anime koi pond thing, and a gif of- yet again- a pond as a background. It also had little fishes as dividers later on!

I then later on did minor changes, and turned it into ully's site, which has a less interesting design despite using the same layout.

Welchia's Site

I then changed it into Welchia's site, switching the color scheme to a different type of blue-gray (At some point I changed the header image to a snowy background, but I didn't archive it). And then I rebranded it to Welchia's Accelerator Laboratory, with a grayscale color scheme, but I yet again didn't archive it. So uh, I then decided that looked bad, an here I am with this layout. Yeah..

Other Stuff