So I have this unrealistic thing I want to create. Another Countryhumans social site like countryhumans.com. What's the difference? Well, customizability is the first thing I want to aim for. You can change the colors and add images to your profile, there's a wysiwyg editor for it but also a css editor as well if you want more advanced changes, stuff like that. Maybe you can add javascript as well? The features are going to be similar to spacehey in the sense that you have groups, forums, blogs, a layout page stuff like that. You can manage multiple accounts and tag them as roleplaying as well (inspired from dreamwidth). You can also customize posts like multiverse.plus, it's going to be closely moderatedb human moderators. Yeah kinda unrealistic considering how basic my website looks, you can tell i'm not good at coding, and how young i am. I'll think of more features while browsing countryhumans.com and thinking what do they not have. I mean, they've got pages, they've got reactions, they've got groups, they've got blogs, I'm not sure what to add to make it different.. If anyone has an idea you can contact me through my socials or my chatbox, haha.


Long time no see, everyone! How am I? Well, still getting distracted a lot easily, but my parents said I'm getting a lot more better!! Since yesterday, I have updated the css of my website so that it looks less yucky and bland (it's still blander than most websites i've seen, not like I'm that creative with websites though. I'll try to update this journal much more often, so that you guys can have more content! Well, I got to go finish my homework, goodbye and have a nice day! (●'◡'●)


Today marks the day where I try to start to not use Facebook. If anyone is not aware on why am I doing this, basically, it has been taking a toll on my mental health, not only does it distract me from trying to focus on more important things, I'm also pretty much addicted to it. For some reason. Wait, I think there's a reason and it's... my friends?

I made a lot of friends on Facebook, and I'm pretty close with them. Which is why i hate the platform so much. Where would I find them if I abandon Facebook altogether? Sure, I did somehow find out about some peoples socials (which i'll hold as a red flag for myself), but I'm still worried, they'll go on without me, I'll miss a lot of things. Why am I even worrying about this in the first place. See? Now you know why?

They said I should accept the fact that people move on, but I feel, I feel like at this point I am too attached to them. I also need to learn how to move on, right? I hope that in the succeeding days, I would be able to, like, you know, improve and stuff. Cause honestly, I've been sick of my own behavior. Looking at my past actions makes me sick to my stomach. Why did I even do them? I was- and still is- stupid.

I haven't been writing in my physical journal for days, another small thing that I don't like.


Wow.. why do i keep on forgetting to post here? Is it because I have a physical journal, and that I also have a lot of accounts to post to? maybe... Well, thinking about it, that's definitely the reason aside from school.

Anyway~ I'm doing my homework now... I have a lot of things to do, and I hate it so much. Maybe it's because I'm in a science high school. I swear just knowing the fact that I study in one makes me even more stressed- but NO, I HAVE TO BE QUIET AND DO GOOD (- self, 2021). It's just- stressing me out, I had to ask for help right now because I don't understand something but i cried because i didn't understand it....

Why am I even like this? Why don't I change.... it's 4pm right now, I should get going to do my work.


Hi everyone... Long time no see... well uh, today is National Heroes day in my place, so we don't have school today. And what do I do when there's no school? Nothing, of course. Well, I mean, I AM continuing to draw Up Quark from an old file back before I was told that I shouldn't use the computer for one month.. and reviewing for my Math recitation tomorrow... but so far I'm not able to concentrate. Maybe I'll go and do that, after, like, writing this journal entry of course, so uh, yeah. That's basically all you need to know. Here's a picture in the meantime.


Okay, so basically I'm giving this website a huge revamp. However, I'm not gonna be updating all of the pages, as it is already bedtime and I'm about to shut down this computer. For now, please don't go to any page except the homepage if you don't want to see a mess of failed css.


School had just started today. We didn't do much as we are just to do some psychosocial things... I might be able to post more here now, as I've been able to bring my tablet to school, they have wifi and it's cool.


I've decided to go back to my laptop briefly to change some things, like deleting the Sciencehumans subpages and making the rose dividers smaller. I'm planning on redoing the css of this website, but just the css, everything else will be presetved.
Sciencehumans is pretty much some ch offshoot that was established because my friends thought it was a fandom so it was until i decided to gatekeep my characters and take it down, i don't think they've ever known about this website though so yeah
I deleted the website files for Sciencehumans, but I archived them anyway. I'm not sharing the url yet, also I think the guidelines page wasn't archived correctly.


So this is the first time I'm doing this HTML Journal thing. Anyway, where have I been again? Well, basically my psychiatrist said that i should take a 1 month break from my computer, so yes, I did in fact type all of this in my phone.
As of now, I'm still okay since i get to go through loopholes with this. I still get to use the wifi, and my numerous stash of phones and tablets. I uninstalled messenger and facebook from all of them, to not get distracted from them, and I think it is also good since I am able to do what I've been dreaming of for months- to get off those platforms...
However, it feels like I will return from them, who knows...
Till then, I'll be posting about my experience here.