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I've decided to go back to my laptop briefly to change some things, like deleting the Sciencehumans subpages and making the rose dividers smaller. I'm planning on redoing the css of this website, but just the css, everything else will be presetved.
Sciencehumans is pretty much some ch offshoot that was established because my friends thought it was a fandom so it was until i decided to gatekeep my characters and take it down, i don't think they've ever known about this website though so yeah
I deleted the website files for Sciencehumans, but I archived them anyway. I'm not sharing the url yet, also I think the guidelines page wasn't archived correctly.



So this is the first time I'm doing this HTML Journal thing. Anyway, where have I been again? Well, basically my psychiatrist said that i should take a 1 month break from my computer, so yes, I did in fact type all of this in my phone.
As of now, I'm still okay since i get to go through loopholes with this. I still get to use the wifi, and my numerous stash of phones and tablets. I uninstalled messenger and facebook from all of them, to not get distracted from them, and I think it is also good since I am able to do what I've been dreaming of for months- to get off those platforms...
However, it feels like I will return from them, who knows...
Till then, I'll be posting about my experience here.