Beware of the Sugondese Virus. The Sugondese Virus is a contagious virus which results in the reversal of allergies from nuts, given that the host never had any in the first place. The virus was first contacted during the SawCon of 1969. It was apparently sourced from some peoples’ contact with balls infected with the virus on display. Although, it was only until a year later, in 1970, when a person had died from the virus, who turned out to be Candice Simons, a popular celebrity who hosted a reality show called Trip In. Candice had a twin brother called Rick, who was murdered on the same year by a person who goes by the name Kris, who was, coincidentally, one of the first people infected by the virus. Kris, however, didn’t know this until the day he was tested, as he didn’t have an allergy to nuts in the first place. The doctors were confused by this virus during the first few days of its spreading. As quoted by Doctor Burqq, "It's strange to have a virus like this. It's almost like it doesn't exist". The latest person who had contacted the virus was a man named Jeff, he had reported to the doctors about something he described as “a severe itching in the balls”, and they had found out a subvariant of the Sugondese virus during the testing. As like the other people who have contracted this virus, he is now quarantined. As said by doctors William and Mike, respectively: “We'll never give up, or let Jeff down on finding a cure. We'll make sure to never make patients cry If this virus spreads worldwide.", and "We'll never say goodbye to the patients, and we promised to Jeff that we'll never lie or desert him."